Our menu

3 course menu € 35,- per person. With a choice of all starters, main courses and desserts.
Some more luxurious, so more expensive, products have a small additional cost. This is clearly stated on our menu in the restaurant.

Bread with dips € 4.50
Mixed freshly roasted nuts € 2.50
Amsterdam bitterballen 8 pieces € 8.50
Dim Sum of chicken and shrimp 10 pieces € 9.50
Vega snacks mix 8 pieces € 7.50
Mini mega mix 16 pieces € 13.50
Shared platter from 2 persons with torpedo shrimp, mushrooms roquefort, € 13.50
Crispi belly bacon with oriental lacquer and salad of avocado and edamame € 10.50
Mushrooms roquefort au gratin and served with baguette € 10.50
Courgette soup with cream cheese and leek € 8.00
Fish trio of smoked salmon, eel and Dutch shrimps € 14.50
Mustard soup with bacon and fried onion € 8.00
Dutch shrimps cocktail with cocktail sauce and toast € 13.50
Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, arugula, Parmesan cheese and mixed seeds € 12.50
Pan-fried pork schnitzel with stroganoff sauce € 19.50
Duet of fried salmon and codfish with white port sauce € 21.50
Spare ribs with sweet ketjap marinade and garlic mayonnaise € 19.50
Burrito Mexican wrap with jackfruit, avocado and garlic sauce € 17.50
Our traditional tenderloin saté with cassave and peanut sauce € 18.50
Heeren steak skewer home marinated beef steak from the grill with Argentinian Chimichurri € 21.50
Marinated gamba’s from the grill with avocado and piccalilly € 25.00
Tournedos, very lush tenderloin from the grill with pepper- or red port sauce € 28.50
Coupe chocolate with white chocolate ice cream, praline ice cream, dark sorbet, vanilla sauce and wh € 8.00
Creme brullee Of cinnamon with egg liquer ice cream and whipped cream € 8.00
“Wentelteefje” French toast with white chocolate ice cream and caramel sauce € 8.50
Dame Blanche, vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream € 8.00
Mini Mont Blanc with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, egg liquer and whipped cream € 4.50
Tomato soup with balls € 4.75
Carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, arugula, Parmesan cheese and mixed seeds € 12.50
Chicken nuggets, frikadel or croquette with fries, mayonnaise and applesauce € 8.50
Spare ribs with fries, mayonnaise and applesauce € 12.50
Children's ice cream € 4.75